Maatraan 50days poster



Surya in new Bharathi Cement Ad

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Surya at Actor Shiva’s marriage

shiva151112_38.jpg shiva151112_39.jpg shiva151112_40.jpg shiva151112_41.jpg shiva151112_42.jpg

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Surya looks promising in upcoming projects

Surya, Who is Currently Busy with Roaring for Singam 2 with Co stars Hansika Motwani, Anushka Shetty, Santhanam, Vivek and Anjali ( for an Item Number ) Holds Couple of Promising Projects in the Row.
1) Linguswamy-Surya

2) Gautham Vasudev Menon-Surya
3) Rajamouli-Surya

These are the Following Directors Who Eagerly waiting to Do a Film with Surya. Among these three which One Surya will select for next ?
Wait and See !

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Maatraan rare still

maattraan rare still during nani koni song stooing

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Surya’s position in kerala

Surya has a large number of fan following in kerala.Recently maattrraan released in 110 theaters and became the most successful tamil filim released in kerala.Kakka kakka was the first success of surya in kerala.Surya got some youth fans through kakka kakka.After that Ghajini has completed a 50days run in kerala.Varanam aayiram became a commercial success in kerala also surya got a position in lot of young girl’s and boy’s heart.Followed by Ayan ,the first movie of surya completing 100days run.Ayan rights in kerala was sold for 80 lakhs and collected 1.35 crores.Aadhavan released 80 theaters in kerala.Aadhavan right was sold for 1.15 crore and collected 1.25 crores.Singam right was sold for 80 lakhs and done the good collection of 1.92 crore.7aum arive rights was sold for 2.50 crore to divya pictures and collected 5.1 crore from 40days.Now it was maattrraan which became the best of surya in kerala.Maattrraan right was sold for a record price of 3.50 crore to tameens pictures and it was reported that maattrraan made 8.2 crore from 25days ! Now the graph is clear and predictable for next releases.Now kerala distributer are aiming at surya’s Singam 2.Singam 2 will sure do a good business in kerala.

Maatraan (Brothers) 26th Day Box Office Collections

Maatraan (Brothers) 1st Day Collection is 9.50 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 2nd Day Collection is 9.25 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 3rd DayCollection is 9.00 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 4th Day Collection is 6.25 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 5th DayCollection is 6.01 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 6th Day Collection is 5.45 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 7th Day Collection is 4.12 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 8th Day Collection is 4.06 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 9th Day Collection is 4.00 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 10th Day Collection is 3.60 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 11th Day Collection is 3.42 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 12th Day Collection is 3.15 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 13th Day Collection is 3.10 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 14th Day Collection is 2.65 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 15th Day Collection is 2.35 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 16th Day Collection is 2.10 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 17th Day Collection is 1.65 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 18th Day Collection is 1.25 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 19th Day Collection is 1.10 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 20th Day Collection is 1.00 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 21st Day Collection is 0.92 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 22nd Day Collection is 0.80 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 23rd Day Collection is 0.72 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 24th Day Collection is 0.68 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 25th Day Collection is 0.56 Crores
Maatraan (Brothers) 26th Day Collection is 0.49 Crores
Total Collections is 87.18 Crores
Budget 60 Crore